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Thanks so much for posting this! I just made the cutest bed for a friend's new puppy.


Thanks so much for taking the time to write and post this tutorial. They seem so clear and user friendly. I am using your instructions to make one for a friend's daughter who just got a puppy.


awww my cat will love you for this! thanks very much!! ^^


Let me just start by saying your dog is j'adorable (to coin Jonathan Adler's phrase)! Frenchie, right?

I have been looking for dog bed ideas...need to give my puggies some incentive to get off the bed...they are little cover hogs...lol! Looks pretty staright forward...maybe Santa will drop a couple off under the tree this year:) Thanks for sharing!


My sister made one for my boston terrier. She loves it!!!! Great bed. Thanks for the idea.

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wow.. interesting article... thanks!

Carlars Cuties Dog Boutique

As a breeder of Yorkshire Terriers and Dachshunds and owner of 3 pet boutiques I am very familiar with the world of dogs and puppies. I am just glad not everyone out there sews or I wouldn't be able to sell any dog beds. Very good instructions!

Lorna McAllister

Thank you so much for the pattern!! It is perfect. I hope to be able to whip up a couple before we bring our new puppy home in June.


thank you!!!!


Thank you. I plan on making a kitty bed in the near future. I like how you sew yours and then stuff at the end. Makes sewing a lot easier!

Irene Sheehy

Great tutorial! I have been making cat-hammocks to hang in cages at the shelter. I use pillow cases that have been donatated. I think I'll try doing your bed with the sheets. Maybe I'll have matching hammocks and bed in the same cage! You can see my tutorial for cat hammocks at http://www.irene-sheehy.com/cat-hammocks.htm



i sew doggie dresses and coats .
i wanted to buy a donut dog bed like the one you made .

now with your easy instrutions i will make my own.
i have a 4.5 lb. chihuahua Teekee and an 11 pound mini. schnauzer Brandy.

i think i will make one big enough for both dogs to fit in and maybe a pink fluffy diva one for my chihuahua Teekee.

thank you so much for your help



i guess i am the only idiot who can't make this bed.

i don't know what i am doing wrong ??

Claire Winchester

I surfed onto your website from Woofboard.com and I'm glad that I did. Your directions are easy to follow and simple. I plan to make the "comforter" as it gets cold up here in Maine. The dog bed is cute but I couldn't insert either my Boston Terrier or my cat as they have staked out a claim on my bed that they will never give up.

Ferdie Campos Mehta

Thank you - I made the bed today for my cats. I will be making the second one tomorrow - it is a very easy tutorial and I am grateful you provided it and I found it :-)

Megan Berry

Thanks for sharing this tutorial. I made two just recently - one for our cat and one for my daughter's stuffed cat and dog. They were so simple to make!


Thank You!!!

Are we able to sew this without sewing machine?



I love the cats, they are so pretty and nice, i used to have my own, his name was shatran, but he got missed!!!! =(

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Nice.. Thanks for sharing this one.. I'm not discouraged at all.. :)

Laura Major

That is so cute...and I think I can actually make one like this for our new puppy, Sadie! I was looking around at the store for a "cute" bed, but they didn't have anything! So, Thank You!!:)

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